Artificial UV Rated Plants “Polyblend®”- Outdoor Artificial Trees & Plants

Artificial UV Rated Plants “Polyblend®”- Outdoor Artificial Trees & Plants

The only tested and proven permanent artificial plant component is “Polyblend®” material. Plantworks has built exterior trees and plants and has created artificial landscapes using “Polyblend®” foliage. “Polyblend®” materials have proven colorfast for over 8 years. “Polyblend®” materials are hot molded, PVC spun-cast, dense plastic that is similar to that used in PVC piping and car bumpers. The UV Rated coloring is infused in the plastic and is the same used as coloring in other exterior applications, including commercial siding and automobile paint. Most components are unitized constructed to withstand wind, rain and extreme weather. Plantworks custom engineers each plant on painted steel poles or frames to match your specifications. Each plant has either fabricated base plates or concrete in standard high-density containers. Examples of final products include: Italian Cypress, Bamboo, Mountain Laurel, Sago Palm, Boxwood Hedges, and Topiary Balls and Shapes are just a few of the many selections that can be made for your project. Permanent “Polyblend®” UV Rated exterior artificial color plants include: Bougainvillea, Geraniums, and Gardenias in an array of “curb appeal” colors. Call or email us for more information.

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