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Artificial and Preserved Grass

Artificial Grass

International Plantworks offers a wide selection of commercial-grade, interior and exterior, Artificial Grasses. Our line of artificial grass can also be made using Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) or Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI) materials. Our grasses differ based on the varietal, length, color, rigidness and/or blade width.


A sampling of our most popular Artificial Grasses would include Blade Grass, Liriope, Meadow Grass, Onion Grass, Prairie and Vanilla Grass.

Preserved Grass

Plantworks offers two styles of Preserved Grass (Mondo Grass and Cropped Grass) developed for interior applications that are imbued with Inherently Fire Retarding (IFR) properties. Our Preserved Grass is actually live plant material that undergoes our proprietary, non-toxic, preservation process. Our “immortalized” grasses retain the color and texture of the live material but will last for years to come. Preserved Grass provides a unique “Green” option for designers who are looking for a life-like replacement for live grass in environments that would otherwise be challenging or impossible.

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