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Artificial Cypress Trees & Boxwood Hedges Bridge 2,000 Years of History

Forum Shops at Caesars Palace | Las Vegas, NV

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace completed a stunning 2,000-gallon waterfall which cascades 14 feet before ending at the feet of the statue of Laocoön and His Sons. Plantworks was called upon to frame the statue with custom-built, artificial Italian Cypress trees that complement the historic design by adding the color, texture, height and depth to the marble water feature.

Guests who ride the escalator alongside the fountain are treated to a stunning view of the multi-tiered waterway which is adorned by beautifully manicured, artificial hedges and topiaries, designed, constructed and installed by Plantworks. These double-layered hedges incorporated a unique “cheese-wedge” lower structure and a “Half-Sphere” topiary upper assembly, resulting in a unique visual display that was specifically engineered to create symmetry within the confined space.  Due to the proximity of the fountain, Plantworks used commercial-grade, exterior foliage and custom-crafted, galvanized, steel inner cores and framing for the Hedges, Topiaries and Cypress trees.

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