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Artificial Florals

Plantworks grew from its humble beginnings in 1977 as a live flower, plant and tree sales, maintenance and rental company, into one of the country’s largest artificial floral and plant design companies, and we did it one satisfied customer at a time.

“Silk Flowers” as they are commonly called, have evolved from consumer-oriented silk and ribbon fabrics to commercial silk, polyester, plastic and woven resin materials. Regardless of the fabric, these “commercial silk” products have become more life-like in appearance and gained greater popularity as the benefits of artificial florals are manifold.

Plantworks’ experienced floral arrangers, custom-build our beautiful botanical compositions based on our customers’ size, color, density, shape and floral/foliage specifications. Accordingly, FloralArt can be extremely realistic or unstructured and expressionistic.

Plantworks only uses commercial-grade, artificial florals, so they cannot be compared to pre-made, low quality, imported floral arrangements found on the internet.

  • Plantworks offers artificial Floral Arrangements that “bloom” all day, every day.
  • Plantworks’ Floral Arrangements require no maintenance (only occasional dusting).
  • Plantworks’ artificial Floral Arrangements Never Need water or preservation additives.
  • Of the hundreds of varieties of artificial florals which Plantworks carries, our most popular commercial silk Floral Arrangements include the use of Anemones, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Daffodils, Delphiniums, Hydrangeas, Iris, Lilies, Lotus, Magnolias, Orchids, Pansies, Peonies, Petunias, Poinsettias, Poppies, Roses, Sunflowers, Tulips, Verbenas, Violets and Zinnias.
  • Plantworks’ commercial-grade Floral Arrangements designed for Outdoor use are manufactured using Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI) flowers and related materials.
  • Plantworks’ commercial-grade Floral Arrangements designed for Indoor use are manufactured using fire retardant flowers and related materials.
  • Plantworks’ has custom designed and built magnificent artificial Floral Arrangements that adorn some of the most prestigious hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, apartment and office buildings, theaters and private homes in Las Vegas.

Call, Email or Visit Our Las Vegas Showroom

We invite you to call, email or drop by our Las Vegas Showroom and speak with one of our artificial tree, plant or floral arrangement experts.  Our friendly staff will walk you through our 10,000 square foot facility as you tell us what you need or find news ideas by viewing our extensive inventory.

Artificial Floral Arrangements