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Artificial Plants

Every Plant is a Work of Art®

Since 1977, Plantworks has been setting new standards designing and manufacturing custom Artificial Plants and horticultural showpieces.  We are dedicated to working with our customers in the development of new artificial horticultural concepts that will create the plantscape trends of tomorrow.  

Our selection of commercial-grade, Artificial Plants is nearly unlimited. Regardless of the shape, size or color, whether used as under-plantings, background embellishment or focal point, our faux plants can be specifically tailored to meet your every need.

The Plantworks Difference

  • Our most popular Artificial Plant varieties include Agaves, Birds of Paradise, Crotons, Evergreens, Horsetail Reeds, Ferns, Hostas, Junipers, Marginatas, Moss, Papyrus, Sansevierias, Succulents as well as our extensive line of Grasses and Ivies.
  • Most of our commercial-grade, Artificial Plants are available in Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI), Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) or combined UVI/IFR formats.
  • Over four decades our Artificial Plants “have been put to the test” as they have been hung from balconies, covered trellises, lined walkways, surrounded water elements, camouflaged structural components, tethered to ceilings and planted in every imaginable form of planter/container.  
  • Our industrial-grade Artificial Plants require no maintenance (other than occasional dusting), they bloom year round, and perform well in difficult indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Plantworks offers a vast array of extremely attractive planters that will enhance the beauty of our Artificial Plants.
  • Plantworks has constructed strikingly beautiful Artificial Plants that adorn some of the most prestigious hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, apartment and office buildings, theaters and private homes in the country.
Artificial Plant Products