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Artificial Sansevieria and Horsetail Reed

Artificial Reed

Artificial Horsetail Reed (Equisetum Fluviatile) has been a top selling product at Plantworks for over 10 years with very good reason. The tall, slender reeds are extremely realistic in design and appearance making them extremely versatile ornamental plants. Often installed in “clumps” or evenly spaced in containers, Reed makes a truly beautiful vertical accent piece or space dividing privacy wall.

Plantworks offers commercial-grade, flame-retardant, Horsetail Reed in a number of sizes up to and including 48”in height.

Artificial Sansevieria

This stylish evergreen perennial plant, recognized for its clean vertical lines, is a popular artificial option for many of Plantworks’ customers. The uniquely shaped leaves have humorously been said to bear resemblance to a Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, particularly because the leaves culminates in sharp tips.  Plantworks offers two commercial-grade, flame retardant, Sansevieria options for indoor applications, the Sansevieria Trifasciata, which has a light yellow outline to each leave, and the Cylindrical Sansevieria, which is also referred to as the Snake Plant because the leaves curl in a manner resembling the body of a snake. These plants are available in sizes up to 60” in height.


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