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Artificial Trees with Natural Trunks

International Plantworks has earned the reputation among owners, designers and architects of the country’s finest resorts as the premier manufacturers of Artificial Plants, Hedges, Topiaries, Green Walls and Trees.   As a design, bid and build manufacturer, every artificial tree is custom-built to the exact specifications of our clients.  

From the exotic Acacia Tree, to the rustic Olive tree, to clumps of bamboo, Plantworks constructs its life-like specimens on natural wood tree trunks with botanically correct, commercial-grade, Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) foliage. Below is a mere sample of the trees that Plantworks manufactures on a daily basis, but contact us if the artificial tree that you need is not listed below.:



Acacia TreeDogwood TreeMaple Tree – Japanese
Areca Palm TreeDracena MarginataOak Tree – Black
Aspen TreeFicus TreeOak Tree – Live

Leaf Fig Tree

Olive Tree – Black
Banyan TreeFishtail Palm TreeOlive Tree – Mediterranean
Birch TreeFruit TreePachira Tree
Bonsai TreeIronwood TreePine Tree
Cedar TreeKentia Palm TreePoplar Tree
Cherry Blossom TreeMagnolia TreeRaphis Palm Tree
Cypress TreeMaple TreeTravelers Palm Tree

Our botanically accurate and beautiful trees may look real, but they require no maintenance (other than an occasional dusting). In fact, our artificial trees are specifically designed to bring you years of lasting splendor, while freeing you from the cost and inconvenience of:

  • Watering, fertilizing, and pruning
  • Maintaining and controlling interior sunlight and temperatures
  • Spraying chemicals to control pests, root rot, and other botanical diseases

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