Museum quality geographically correct native trees complete Cabela’s world acclaimed retail environments. Plantworks Tree builders created Oaks, Maples, Pines and Birch trees on real natural tree trunks. Each tree was handcrafted at Plantworks 20,000 sq. ft. design center with botanically correct commercial grade foliage and hand shaped to replicate the look of live trees.

No two trees are the same which continues to add to the realism of Cabela’s one of a kind visual shopping experience. While shopping at Cabela’s you’ll find dozens of trees complete an entire mountain interior landscape, Pine Trees on rock ledges tower in the stores some up to 14’ tall. The rustic woodsy appearance of the trees bring the wild naturescape inside.

These artificial trees become a key element in a massive visual display. Habitat creation within each location is framed with real looking landscapes. Grand and spacious themes include so many details both small and large. These strong realistic displays are an overall important part of the Cabela’s branding and image.

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