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Condo Community Creates Outdoor Splendor with Faux Florals and Plants

The Ogden, a high-rise condominium tower in downtown Las Vegas contacted International Plantworks seeking an artificial plant and flower solution for the problems they were having with their live plant material, which had become unsightly, costly and difficult to maintain.  Plantworks worked with the Ogden Design Team to create an eye-catching exterior perimeter look that enhanced the property’s appearance, particularly along the highly-trafficked, Las Vegas Blvd.

Plantworks replaced the ever-failing live plants with large, ever-blooming, elevated planters of Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI), exterior plants and flowers. Featured among the many faux products that now adorn the property are the exterior, Conical-Shaped, Cypress-Style Topiaries constructed on galvanized steel inner-cores with UVI Juniper foliage as well as a wide array commercial-grade, artificial, exterior (UVI), blooming flowers and plants including Bougainvillea, Bromeliads, Agave, Vines, Liriope and Evergreens.

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