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Green Walls: Elegant Outdoor Plantscape Sculptures

Amongst the beautiful wineries of Sonoma country lies one of California’s hidden gems, the Graton Resort & Casino. The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria wanted to pay homage to the wine country in which they are located by creating an entry that complimented the stunning environs.

The result is an impressive and organically appropriate curved porte-cochère which towers above the large glass front doors before gently arching to ground level. The interior elements of the portico contain a vine-like trellis system that was supposed to host live plants, however, the system proved difficult and expensive to maintain, so the architects contacted Plantworks in order to develop an artificial plant solution.

Plantworks created a 3-story tall reproduction Green Wall

Plantworks worked with the entire Graton Team to develop natural looking greenery for the building. Hundreds of artificial, Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI), grasses and thousands of UVI faux vines were installed on the custom fabricated trellis system. In addition, Plantworks created a 3-story tall reproduction Green Wall comprised predominantly of faux Boxwood and Bougainvillea.

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