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Multipurpose Green Wall Design: Media Center, Traffic Control, and Vertical Garden

For over 50 years, the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino has been an innovator in hotel and casino design. They maintain their dominance by, in large part, constantly introducing new architectural designs and elements to their historic property. One example of the hotel’s trendsetting approach is the construction of their outdoor Artificial Green Wall. This impressive exterior building ornament is also extremely functional as it leads pedestrian traffic to the casino while informing them of the many attractions available to visitors all displayed on dozens of large television monitors. Additionally, hidden and visible security cameras are embedded in the system which provides added safety and protection to Tropicana’s guests and pedestrians alike.

The Tropicana’s remarkably realistic and attractive Vertical Garden stands 12 feet in height and extends hundreds of feet in multiple directions. International Plantworks worked extensively with the Tropicana Team on the design and construction of this freestanding, free-formed and massive fencing system.

Fabulous, Multi-functional, Outdoor, Ornamental Green Wall

Thorough investigation and testing occurred before Plantworks’ artificial, Ultraviolet Inhibiting (UVI) outdoor boxwood plant material was selected for the project. The finished product provides this iconic hotel and casino with a fabulous, multi-functional, outdoor, ornamental Green Wall & Media Center that requires virtually no maintenance and functions as a design element, informational resource and crowd control tool.

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