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Green Walls

Plantworks is the largest manufacturer of artificial Green Walls in the country.  We have been designing, manufacturing and/or installing our commercial-grade, indoor and outdoor, artificial Green Walls for nearly 4 decades. Our long history speaks volumes about our extensive experience, the quality of our products and, most importantly, our singular focus on providing our customers with excellent service.

Many of our Non-Living Walls incorporate unique components such as signage, lighting and water features. These vertical gardens, like all of our plantscapes, are artisan constructed art forms which are rich in texture, vibrant in color, and “alive” in feel.

  • Each Green Wall is custom-built to our customer’s exact specifications.
  • Foliage options for these vertical gardens include but are not limited to various forms and colors of Boxwood, Bougainvillea, Ivy, Grass, Pine Needle and Moss.
  • Green Walls built for use outdoors feature commercial-grade, laboratory tested, Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI) faux foliage.
  • Green Walls built for use indoors feature commercial-grade, laboratory tested, Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) faux foliage.
  • Plantworks offers the longest Color-Fade Warranty in the industry.
  • Artificial Living Walls by Plantworks Do Not require water, expensive and complex irrigation systems, fertilizers, pesticides, pruning or trimming.
  • Our wide array of Green Walls and plantscapes, are perfect for areas that yearn for impressive ornamentation but are restricted by environmental challenges such as:

Lack of Sunlight

Weight Limitations

Height Restrictions

Difficult/Expensive to Irrigate

Location and/or Access Limitations

Chemical-Sensitivity Concerns

Temperature and Humidity Concerns

Seasonal Foliage Color Variations

Our Green Walls continue to adorn the entryways, halls, dining and entertainment areas, as well as the exterior building façades, pools and parking garages of some of the most prestigious hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings, cruise ships, theaters, stadiums and homes in the country.

Green Wall Products