Hotel Walkways Enhanced with Indoor, Custom-Made, Palm Trees

As part of the multi-million dollar renovation of this landmark Las Vegas hotel and casino, Plantworks was selected to custom manufacture artificial plants and trees that brought back the South Beach Miami feel that the hotel had when it first opened. Plantworks designed and built over a dozen 12’ tall Artificial Kentia Palms. These artificial palms were constructed using natural bark trunks combined with Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) replica palm fronds. These attractive palm trees align the interior areas which connect the casino with the conference area and towers.  Brightly colored, artificial flowering Bougainvillea burst from the designer containers which accent the trees and complete the design.

Additional Plantworks supplied artificial plant materials which can be found at this property include Golden Oriental Bamboo Canes with IFR Replica Foliage; Commercial-Grade, IFR, Yellow Oncidium Orchids, Red Kalanchoes, and mixed varieties of Bougainvillea; Curly Willow, Moss and artificial Rock.

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