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Non-Living Walls: A Hotel’s “Green” Introduction

As part of the $480 million Dollar conversion of the historic Sahara Hotel & Casino into the trend-setting SLS Las Vegas, Plantworks designed and installed one of the largest artificial outdoor green walls ever constructed for a building facade. This project featured the construction of three separate Boxwood Green Walls, thousands of square feet of Ultra Violet Inhibiting (UVI) artificial boxwood material and a custom-crafted wall mounting system.

The largest of the 3 walls, the multi-arched Paradise Road entrance required hundreds panels of plush, UVI and Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR), artificial exterior boxwood foliage mounted to laser cut and powder-coated steel frames.

They continue to flourish in the desert heat, wind and rain

Additionally, hundreds of linear feet of special corner edging was developed and meticulously installed to create the clean lines and crisp natural look of these plant walls. Plantworks constructed and delivered the panels to the site where this giant ornamental mosaic was mounted to the building facades. The panels were designed and constructed with cut-outs that accommodated security cameras and fixed lighting components. Since its installation, these strikingly attractive Green Walls have required little to no maintenance as they continue to flourish in the desert heat, wind and rain.

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