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Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea Tops Ice Cream Parlor

Sloan’s is a unique chain of Ice Cream Parlors, known for its bright and colorful atmosphere, intoxicating aromas, and delicious ice cream.  Sloan’s whimsical decor includes “over the top pink walls, twinkling chandeliers, moving trains and magical glass bathrooms,” so it makes perfect sense for this iconic chain to engage Plantworks to create a front exterior façade that would meet their flamboyant design goals.  


Plantworks provided commercial-grade, Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI) artificial flowers that complimented Sloan’s unique color palate. Full, lush and colorful, UVI Geraniums and Bougainvillea were planted in exterior containers creating a natural transition between the bright pink signage and the black & white awning.

Sloan’s Ice Cream Image Gallery