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Outdoor Faux Boxwoods create “HEDGES ON WHEELS” in San Fran

In preparation for the 2015 Super Bowl, International Plantworks and International TreeScapes (our sister company), designed and custom built dozens of Boxwood Hedges, each standing 6 feet tall, set into mobile designer plant containers. This provided our client with the ability to easily move the hedges into various locations on the property where it was used for pedestrian and vehicular crowd control throughout the high-occupancy weekend, before returning the hedges to their traditional use as room and area dividers.

The hedges were constructed on custom manufactured galvanized steel frames with adjustable legs ensure proper height. Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI), lush exterior Boxwood foliage was then attached to the frame with rustproof, stainless steel rings. These virtually maintenance free, life-like hedges require no water, herbicides, pesticides or trimming. Interior versions of these artificial hedges are also available in a wide selection of Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) artificial foliage.

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