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Using Outdoor Trees to Ignite Sales: Oak , Maple, Birch, Aspen and Pine Trees

Plantworks has designed and built hundreds of artificial habitat trees and shrubs for over 40 Cabela’s retail complexes. Each Cabela location is as much a wildlife museum and education center as it is a sport’s enthusiast equipment provider. Cabela’s called upon Plantworks to custom manufacture botanically correct and strikingly attractive artificial trees and plants that meet and exceed the company’s rigid aesthetic design needs as well as its customer outreach and educational missions.  

Plantworks handcrafted every single artificial Oak, Maple, Birch and Evergreen Pine Tree, giving each product a unique curve, scar or flare, and ensuring that no two trees left the factory looking the same. Each tree was also manufactured on natural wood, single and multi-stem tree trunks with commercial grade, flame retardant foliage. These iconic reproduction trees ranged in height from 4 feet to 22 feet and were designed to be mounted in various ways as specified by the company.

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