Polyblend is a uniquely manufactured and patented high density polymer material which additionally contains ultraviolet inhibiting (UVI) properties used in the creation of certain commercial-grade, artificial trees and plants (“Product/Products”) intended for use outdoors.

Polyblend Products have been designed to have a very low air content, unitized construction and steel interior elements.

For Over 20 Years, International Plantworks, LLC (“Plantworks”) and its predecessor’s field tested many of the Products sold to commercial customers. These field tests confirmed that the Products retained their structural integrity and color without excessive fading, pitting or discoloring.

Based on its decades long evaluation of these Products, Plantworks decided to provide its original purchasers with an 8 Year Limited Color Fade Warranty on these Products.

This is the longest Color Fade Warranty on a commercial-grade, exterior product in the Industry!

Plantworks’ confidence in these Products emanates from its evaluations which has validated that these Products exhibited very little color fading or discoloration after 10 years outside.

It important to note that these Products should only be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner (such as soapy water), using a low pressure spray device and rinsed with clean water.

Use of other cleaning solutions, painting or other alterations to the Products will void this Warranty.

Removal or alteration of the design, placement or mounting of said Products will void this Warranty.

The Color Fade Warranty is limited to the original “true” color of the components comprising each Product. Some color fade and/or change is expected over time based on numerous environmental conditions, this Warranty addresses excessive color fading or changes.

This Warranty and any and all liability potentially borne by Plantworks is limited solely to the cost of the Product, not including shipping, installation, removal, replacement or other costs which may be incurred.

Specific information regarding color fading as well as other provisions of sale and warranty are as stated on the attached Terms, Conditions and Limited Warranties form which is attached to each estimate, sales order and/or invoice.

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