Plantworks Major Commercial Polyblend Projects

Large Commercial Projects Profile

SLS Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV 2014
Project Description: Over two years in development, three separate and distinct Polyblend® Boxwood Walls were installed. Nearly 5,000 total square feet of façade areas were covered with state of the art prefabricated units manufactured by Plantworks in Las Vegas.
Project Size: $400,000.00

Tropicana Resort Las Vegas, NV 2009
Project Description: Over 4,000 sq. ft. of UV Rated Polyblend® Boxwood on custom designed and built frames for a one of a kind Media Landscape Wall. Client added other areas by new pool entrance as Polyblend® flat walls and fencing.
Project Size: $280,000.00

M Resort Las Vegas, NV 2007
Project Description: Lobby Accents including Huge Flower Wall in Lobby, Interior Boxwood custom Shrubs, Exterior UV Rated Polyblend® Hedging on dual roof top Terraces, Pool Deck UV Polyblend® Rated foliage Walls and Columns, UV Rated Polyblend® Pool Building Roof Top Garden
Project Size: $350,000.00

Peppermill Resort and Casino Reno, NV 2006
Project Description: Overall Project provided extensive UV Rated Polyblend® custom designed and manufactured exterior landscaping units. More than 500 items were produced at Plantworks facility and shipped to Reno over a 2 year time frame.
Key Items: Groups of 20 to 30 feet high Italian Cypress, Poly Caise Topiaries, Custom Built Hanging Baskets of Ivy-Geranium-Bougainvillea, Accent Juniper, Mahonia, Gardenia Shrubs and Bushes, 2,000 square Trellis with Vining.
Project Size: over $600,000.00

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, NV 2001
Project Description: 100% Exterior Grade application in planter boxes with a mix of UV Rated Polyblend® Vines and Flowers. Product was inspected in 2013 to find color was intact and Polyblend® material is still in near new condition.
Project Size: $30,000.00