Polyblend Green Wall Bougainvillea Specifications

Artificial Green Wall Specification

Finished Element: Commercial Grade Polyblend Bougainvillea permanently attached to powder coated steel grid panels. (See photo #1)

Polyblend Bougainvillea: Two-Tone Green UV Rated Polyblend certified material. A seamless application onto steel panels. All attachments made with stainless steel high grade airplane cable: .0410 diameters, MS20995C41 (See photo #2)

Steel Grids Panels: New commercial grade 4’x4’ steel grid standard with ¼” solid welded wire panel and 3/8” welded solid bar frame. Panels are powder coated green to match Polyblend material. Panels to be custom fabricated with side attachments and mounting tabs. No frame will be larger than 8’x4’. Grid pattern will follow finished design. (See photo # 3)

Warranty: All finished Elements will be warranted for 1 year on all workmanship and defects. Polyblend will be guaranteed for 8 years with Limited Warranty. (See attachment).


 Artificial Green Wall Specification

Finished Element: Photo 1

 Bougainvillea Wall



Artificial Green Wall Specification

Polyblend Boxwood: Photo 2

 Bougainvillea Wall_Up Close


 Artificial Green Wall Specification

Steel Grid Panels: Photo 3



 Artificial Green Wall Specification


 Polyblend  Eight Year Guarantee