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  Indoor Projects

April 16, 2014 The Venetian Las Vegas – Flowering Bougainvillea Vines

No trip to Venice — or The Venetian in Las Vegas — would be complete without a graceful and romantic glide down the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian gondola.Plantworks worked with the Venetian to apply UV Rated Polyblend® Flowering Bougainvillea to decorate the entrance

April 15, 2014 "30 Years of Projects" – Artificial Interior Landscapes

For over 30 years, Plantworks has designed, manufactured, and installed over 6,000 complete exterior and interior landscapes across the country and internationally. With our onsite creative landscape designers, we can create custom artificial silk plants and silk flowers for your home or office. Products & Designs presented on

April 14, 2014 Cabela’s

Museum quality geographically correct native trees complete Cabela’s world acclaimed retail environments. Plantworks Tree builders created Oaks, Maples, Pines and Birch trees on real natural tree trunks. Each tree was handcrafted at Plantworks 20,000 sq. ft. design center with botanically correct commercial grade foliage and

June 27, 2013 UV Rated Polyblend® Exterior Grade Boxwood

Boxwood is one of the most diverse and widely used Polyblend® components in commercial exterior applications. This rich two tone green plush 2.5” thick boxwood is most realistic of any artificial foliage. It is an outstanding element for a permanent green wall, hedging and topiaries.

June 27, 2013 UV Rated Exterior Grade Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress built on steel frames covered with Polyblend® Cypress components nearly replicates the live plant. Plantworks can manufacture Cypress from 3’ to 35’ custom to meet your specifications. One of the largest total artificial exterior Polyblend® Projects ever completed The Peppermill Resort and Casino

June 26, 2013 UV Rated Polyblend® Exterior Grade Liriope

Polyblend® grass units work within a landscape even with natural live plants. The Pool Deck’s living grasses at Planet Hollywood Westgate in Las Vegas were burning out. Liriope was planted to replace this grass among live agaves. This permanent element is also used as ground

June 26, 2013 UV Rated Polyblend® Exterior Grade Bougainvillea Vine, Color

Flowering Bougainvillea is perfect for large trellis like the Peppermill Pool Deck with over 2000 sq ft of coverage. At the same project 100’s of hanging baskets were permanently planted with multi-color Polyblend® flowers. This colorful component can also be mounted on steel grid frames

June 26, 2013 Artificial UV Rated Plants “Polyblend®”- Outdoor Artificial Trees & Plants

The only tested and proven permanent artificial plant component is “Polyblend®” material. Plantworks has built exterior trees and plants and has created artificial landscapes using “Polyblend®” foliage. “Polyblend®” materials have proven colorfast for over 8 years. “Polyblend®” materials are hot molded, PVC spun-cast, dense plastic that

June 25, 2013 UV Rated Polyblend® Exterior Grade Hanging Baskets

Commercial application of the uses of Polyblend® material in exterior hanging baskets continues to place great flowers and foliage in unsustainable areas. Virtually maintenance free Polyblend® planting are great on balconies. The Whalers on Maui had hundreds of balconies which had no irrigation method. At

June 18, 2013 Cooper Hospital – Large Artificial Bamboo

In September 2008, Plantworks installed the Cooper University Hospital project in Camden, N.J. Cooper Hospital was undergoing an expansion and had built a new lobby. Plantworks used 15-foot to 40-foot-tall natural bamboo with artificial foliage, and agave, in the new hospital atrium lobby. The project