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  Indoor Projects

March 31, 2010 Natural Wood trunks

Plantworks creates lifelike artificial trees using natural wood trunks for the most authentic looking recreations of foliage possible. Its 10,000-square-foot design center in Las Vegas contains the raw materials for natural wood trunks, floral design studio and manufacturing operation. Ceiling levels top over 30 feet

March 31, 2010 Natural habitats with artificial plants and trees

The artificial plants and trees sold and manufactured by Plantworks look as realistic as possible. So, let's talk about creating natural habitats with artificial plants and trees.A "habitat" is the environment in which an organism or species naturally lives or grows. It includes its physical

March 31, 2010 More Design Options with Artificial Plants

Live plants have limitations. They are constrained by the amount of sunlight they need, or don't need. They grow, and designers take into consideration that a tropical plant has the potential to grow up or out and into surrounding space. Plus, designers who may want

March 31, 2010 Mini Asian, Aralias, Podocarpus and Cypress trees

When selecting a custom made bonsai tree made by Plantworks, consider your choices for foliage. We offer five: Mini Asian Ficus, Aralias, Pine, Podocarpus and Cypress trees.Everyone knows what pine trees are, what they look like (think Christmas trees) and what texture they would offer

March 31, 2010 Master tree builders

Out in nature, it can take years or decades for a little tree to come to its full adult size.At Plantworks, it takes just a few weeks, thanks to a team of five master tree builders headed by Baltazar Chavez.In 2005, the team of master

March 31, 2010 Manzanita Trunks

The Manzanita tree grows in the Western regions of the United States, most notably in California. The Manzanita belongs to the genus Arctostaphylos. Some Manzanita species are among the rarest in the world.At one time, the Manzanita grew wild in San Francisco's historic Presidio military

March 31, 2010 Made in America

Plantworks is proud to feature high quality products that are made in America. Our artificial plants and trees are manufactured by hand in our 20,000-square-foot facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Plantworks employs professional tree builders and plantscapers to create the top quality products that you

March 31, 2010 Life-like artificial plants and trees

The artificial plants and trees sold by Plantworks are among the top quality in the country, the most lifelike artificial plants and trees that are so realistic looking no one can tell they aren't real until they touch them. We use the best materials, the

March 31, 2010 Large Permanent Replica trees and palms with live under planting

The large permanent replica trees and palms created by Plantworks use live under plantings - the trunk or base. The trunk of the replica trees and palms is authentic wood, and not artificial. Our large permanent replica trees and palms are well regarded in the

March 31, 2010 Large artificial trees

In 2004, Plantworks completed the landscape for the Hawaiian Marketplace in Las Vegas. The Hawaiian Marketplace is a mix of a retail shops, restaurants and nightspots on The Strip. The tropical plants and trees installed were artificial. The centerpiece of the project is a 40-foot-tall

March 31, 2010 Interiorscapers Using More Artificial Plants

The Strip in Las Vegas is full of multimillion-dollar casinos and resorts that cater perhaps more to the non-gambler than the dedicated poker player. In the past decade, The Strip has transformed itself into a sophisticated offering of shopping, day spas, restaurants, golf, resorts, and

March 31, 2010 Indoor Plants

One of the most affordable ways to redecorate a room does not involve paint, a big-box store or new pillows. Buy an indoor plant. They're affordable, attractive and one can never have enough of them. If they're real, they help clean the indoor environment. If