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Plantworks Showroom

Located just 5 blocks from Tropicana Avenue and only 3 minutes from the famed “Strip” in Las Vegas, our 10,000 sq. ft. showroom and regional production center houses one of the largest inventories of artificial trees, plants and florals in the country.

Our showroom is open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm or by appointment. Our address is 5480 S. Valley View Blvd., Suite 110, Las Vegas, NV 89118

We maintain a showroom because we want you to visit us and see for yourself why our indoor and outdoor artificial trees, plants and florals, truly are superior. In addition, we want you to meet and speak with our design, manufacturing, installation and support team members so that you can rest assured that your project is always in capable hands.

Take a tour and set your imagination free as you realize that each product on display is merely a template, ready to be tailored to your personal design requirements.  Feel free to request different foliage, tree trunk sizes, change height or foliage density, or even select the perfect designer container, as you create the tree, plant, floral, hedge, green wall or topiary that best fits your needs.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Plantworks, we are inspired each day by the creativity of our artisans, the quality of our customers and the magnificent products we create for them. Each preserved and artificial tree, plant or floral arrangement that we display in our showroom is meticulously constructed with the highest quality, commercial-grade material. We believe that it is our commitment to quality that has kept us in business for more than 40 years.

Our Showroom and Regional Production Center is also a Real-Time Laboratory

In addition to providing our customers with a showroom full of artificial and preserved horticultural creations, Plantworks relies on independent laboratories to validate the fire retarding, wind loading, and ultraviolet inhibiting capabilities of our commercial-grade products and components. Notwithstanding the time and considerable costs attendant with these tests, we continuously put our products “through the gauntlet” at our regional production center which provides us with “Real-Time Laboratory” data.

After You See Our Artificial Trees, Plants & Florals You Will Still Think They Are Real

We invite you to visit our Las Vegas showroom to see, touch and feel our trees, plants and florals. We want you to note the colors, texture and density so that you can determine for yourself the difference a premium product offers. Our botanically accurate artificial trees and plants are unrivaled by “big box” retailers, craft stores and imported products of inferior quality, because Plantworks’ products are designed to provide years of satisfaction.

We test the products and materials that we know will be subjected to severe environmental conditions such as heat, wind, ultraviolet rays, rain, cold, and long term exposure to the elements by installing these materials on the roof and outside our facility in a locked yard where we can monitor any changes to its color, density, brittleness or shape. Plantworks has maintained a policy of self-testing materials for 4 decades, this hands-on experience has provided us with distinct advantages when helping customers overcome environmental challenges.

We Look Forward to Working With You.