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Sophisticated Buffet’s Topiaries Look Good Enough To Eat

Since Steve Wynn’s ownership of the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Plantworks has proudly provided product to the Wynn Las Vegas Empire. The award-winning Buffet Topiaries inside the Wynn Las Vegas were a creative labor of love between the Wynn design team and Plantworks which resulted in the construction of seven, 22-foot cast iron vertical frames being transformed into freestanding flower garden topiaries, each bursting with color and texture.  

These topiaries were created using artificial flowers, artificial foliage, artificial fruit, and artificial vegetables. Often overlooked floral ingredients such as kale and cherry tomatoes took center stage, demonstrating the brilliance of the Wynn design team and their willingness to create new, outside-the-box, approaches to floral design. Plantworks is honored to have helped create this inspired French Open Market atmosphere; with regal colorful sculptures that frame the entrance to the Buffet.

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