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UVI Rated Foliage

The dangers of ultraviolet (“UV”) rays to humans are well documented. As a result, millions of people apply sunscreen prior to venturing outdoors. UV rays also cause considerable damage to non-living material, generally draining them of color and destroying structural integrity. An interesting example of this is that the United States Flag first planted on the moon by Neil Armstrong in 1969, is still standing, but is now completely white; the fabric long bleached by unfiltered UV rays.

Artificial plant material is not immune from the effects of UV rays and the deterioration of original coloring and reduced structural integrity diminish the material’s useful life.

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Plantworks is a pioneer in the manufacture and sale of artificial, commercial-grade, Ultraviolet Inhibited (“UVI”) horticultural products.

Plantworks’ UVI exterior line of products are imbued with proprietary chemical compounds that are impregnated into the product during its manufacturing.  This process inhibits the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. By way of example, Plantworks’ UVI exterior foliage was independently laboratory tested during which time it was exposed to over 2,000 hours of UV light (equivalent to years of ordinary exposure) with zero product degradation noted.

This is one of the reasons why Plantworks confidently offers the longest Color-Fade Warranty in the industry.